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Frequently Asked Questions About LEAF CapitalNow™?

Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions about quickly and easily getting the funds you need to grow your business with LEAF CapitalNow™.

How much capital can I get?
Depending on the size and needs of your business with LEAF CapitalNow™, you can quickly and easily get from $25,000 up to $300,000 to use right away to grow your business.

How can I apply?
Simply get in touch with your LEAF Account Champion, answer a few quick questions and we’ll get the ball rolling. The whole process is fast and easy, so you can quickly get back to growing your business.

How can I use the capital in my business?
For just about any need that your business may have. Launch a new marketing campaign. Open a second location. Hire new staff. It’s your choice, as long as you use your LEAF CapitalNow™ funds for business purposes.

How soon can I be approved?
Thanks to our streamlined approval process, you get your capital in just a few days, not a few weeks.

Are there fees in addition to interest?
Yes, there’s a 2% structuring fee for setting the transaction up, but that can be included as part of your growth capital loan. There will be a 1% renewal fee for subsequent transactions.

Can I buy equipment with my LEAF CapitalNow™ funds?
You could, but you should consider other LEAF leasing and finance options made just for equipment. That way you get the equipment you need to succeed, plus working cash you can use in other areas of your business.

How is LEAF CapitalNow™ different than a traditional line of credit?
LEAF CapitalNow™ is a simpler way to get the funds you need now. Applying is easier, with less paperwork and we can approve you much faster in many cases.

How is LEAF CapitalNow™ different than some of the new online sources of business capital?
LEAF CapitalNow™ is preferred by many businesses because it doesn’t require daily withdrawals like many of the newer online providers do. Our interest rates are often more favorable, too, so your cost of capital is lower. Plus, LEAF CapitalNow™ gives you more flexibility and it’s offered by equipment financing experts with decades of experience serving businesses like yours.

I’ve looked at working capital options in the past and they always require a lien on my personal home. Does LEAF CapitalNow™ require that?
No, LEAF CapitalNow™ gets you the growth funding you need quickly and easily, without a lien on personal property.

Isn’t it expensive to get capital this way?
While it’s smart to consider your cost of capital when you choose a growth capital solution such as LEAF CapitalNow™, you should also consider the cost of not being able to take advantage of growth opportunities. In effect, saying no to growth funding can be the same as saying no to growth, which can be very expensive over the long term.

Isn’t LEAF CapitalNow™ just another line of credit?
LEAF CapitalNow™ isn’t a line of credit – it’s better. LEAF CapitalNow™ gets you the growth capital you need more quickly and easily than with a line of credit, without a lot of paperwork to get started. It’s more flexible and affordable than a typical revolving line of credit. Plus, you won’t pay fees associated with lines of credit or have to worry about changing credit requirements. With LEAF CapitalNow™, it’s simple – you get all your money now to use just about anywhere in your business. Anytime you need more growth capital, just let us know.

Who is LEAF?
LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. is an equipment finance and capital solutions provider trusted by nearly 250,000 companies of all sizes across the U.S. We offer customized financing and growth capital that help our customers solve real problems and make a real difference in the success of their businesses.

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Terms and Conditions: All applications are subject to credit approval. LEAF CapitalNow™ is financing solely for business and commercial purposes and may not be used for personal, family, or household purposes.