Technology Conversion FAQ

What will LEAF’s technology conversion mean for you and your customers? Here are answers to questions you may have, as well as some information to help answer questions from your customers.

What is happening?

  • In order to continue offering dealers/vendors and their customers the highest level of service, LEAF will be migrating its information systems to the technology platform of M&T Bank, of which LEAF is a subsidiary.

When is this happening?

  • The migration to M&T Bank’s technology platform will begin on October 6th and is expected to be complete on October 9th.

Will I have any access to LEAF systems during this time to submit finance applications, check status, etc.?

  • During our system migration, all LEAF systems, including dealer and customer portals, will be unavailable.

Will my LEAF Account Champion be accessible during this time?

  • During our system migration, all corporate email and phone systems, as well as our customer service center, will be unavailable.

Will customers be able to reach your customer service center during this time?

  • During our system migration, our customer service center will be unavailable.

What are the benefits of this change?

  • Currently, LEAF operates across a number of technology platforms, including M&T’s. By unifying these platforms with the M&T technology platform, our processes will become even more collaborative, responsive, and efficient, enabling us to deliver even better service to you and your customers.

What if I have submitted an application but haven’t received a response by the time your system migration begins?

  • Applications that are in process when our system migration begins will resume processing when the migration is complete. To avoid unnecessary delays associated with the migration and any subsequent processing backlogs once systems become available again, we recommend submitting applications at least one hour prior to the start of our system conversion, which begins at 5:00 PM ET on October 5th.

Will you be running at full capacity once your system migration is complete?

  • Yes, we will be running at full capacity, though service may be temporarily affected as we work through any backlog resulting from the short period during which our systems are unavailable.

Will I see any delays in the funding process once your system migration is complete?

  • Though processing times may increase temporarily once our systems are running at full capacity again, your support team will be working diligently to minimize any delays and ensure you receive funding as quickly as possible.

Will customers experience any payment processing delays?

  • Any checks received from customers during our system migration will be processed once the system migration is complete. Processing times may be affected by any backlog resulting from the short period during which our systems are unavailable.

Will my customer be assessed a late fee if their payment is received during the time your systems are down?

  • Any late charges incurred due to our system migration will be waived within two billing cycles.