Success Story: Minimizing the Disruption of a Facility Relocation2019-06-28T17:10:52+00:00
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Minimizing the Disruption of a Facility Relocation

Project Size: $2.5 Million
Problem: Staging a major manufacturing facility relocation while reducing impacts on cash flow and the continuity of operations
Solution: A seven-phase project rollout and financing plan developed in tandem

When it’s time to finance a project of your own, the best option is often the same financing source that dealers and customers rely on. That was the case with an automotive lighting manufacturer preparing for a complex R&D relocation.

The key to success with this project was that we got involved early in the planning process. Working directly with the manufacturer, we developed an affordable plan to finance $1.7 million in furniture, plus $800,000 in audio/video equipment, computers, switches, paging equipment, and more. In order to preserve cash flow and match the pace of funding to projected project deployment needs, we created FMV lease schedules for each of the seven project phases.

As a result, the manufacturer was able to relocate its R&D with the confidence of knowing its funding, cash flow, and operational needs would be met every step of the way.

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