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Manufacturer Success Stories

Helping Customers Think Bigger With Financing

Most companies are forced by budgetary considerations to pick and choose among competing needs to update facilities and equipment. For example, a manufacturer’s banking industry customer recently had to prioritize furnishing offices in multiple locations over acting on needed technology updates.

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Minimizing the Disruption of a Facility Relocation

When it’s time to finance a project of your own, the best option is often the same financing source that dealers and customers rely on. That was the case with an automotive lighting manufacturer preparing for a complex R&D relocation.

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Dividing to Conquer a Construction Project

Sometimes one of the most challenging aspects of a large project is getting it started. In this case, an athletic apparel company was ready to kick off a $2.5 million construction project that was stuck at the starting line by financing companies unwilling to tailor a funding match to its cash flow and budget needs.

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