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Thinking Bigger With Financing

Project Size: $3 Million
Problem: Controlling the cash flow impact of a substantial investment in furniture
Solution: A custom finance option that not only made the proposed furniture more affordable but also allowed technology infrastructure upgrades

A banking industry customer faced a common problem: being forced by cash flow constraints to choose between two important projects. On one hand, the customer needed office furnishings across multiple locations. On the other, its technology infrastructure could benefit from an update.

After deciding that furniture was a greater priority, the customer approached us for options to fund the $1.5 million-dollar project. Our team took the time to understand not only the immediate need but also other challenges the customer was facing. Based on that discussion, we offered a customized finance plan that funded the furniture project in full and allowed the flexibility to tackle technology infrastructure needs as well.

As a result, the customer doubled its budget from $1.5 million to $3 million and funded both projects, increasing its productivity and competitive position on multiple fronts while maintaining positive cash flow.

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