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Simplifying a Complex Relocation Project

Project Size: $2.5 Million
Problem: Planning a large, multiphase facility relocation with access to expertly customized financing solutions every step of the way
Solution: A finance company willing to get involved early to assist in developing a seven-phase project rollout and accompanying financing plan

An automotive lighting manufacturer preparing for a complex R&D relocation wanted to be sure that financing for the project was considered from the earliest stages of planning, rather than only after project details and resulting contingencies had already been determined.

Many financing companies are reluctant to get involved so early in the process due to the uncertainty involved. But when this company contacted us, we were onboard with the plan immediately. Working from the beginning, we developed a single agreement covering $1.7 million in furniture, as well as $800,000 in audio/video equipment, computers, switches, paging equipment, and even breakroom appliances. So that each phase could be funded as the furniture and equipment were delivered and installed, the project was documented on seven 60-month FMV lease schedules, each corresponding to a particular project phase.

By getting us involved early, our customer was able to plan with a clear view of available financing options and the confidence of knowing that each stage of the process would be affordably funded in a way that met the company’s cash flow needs.

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