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Relieving Construction Budget Constraints

Project Size: $2.25 Million
Problem: Finding flexible financing to meet the unique needs of a large construction project
Solution: A two-stage financing plan that allowed the project to get going quickly with a lower initial investment to support cash flow needs

Large projects are often delayed, sometimes indefinitely, by cash flow concerns – especially when finance providers view the project as a single entity that must be financed all at once. This was the case for an athletic apparel company planning a sizable construction project.

But then the business got in touch with us. Together, we quickly agreed that the project could be split into two phases and financed that way. Taking the company’s near- and longer-term cash needs into account, we developed a flexible finance option that began with funding of $250,000 and added $2 million at a later date.

With our finance option, the company got started on its construction project more quickly and affordably. And now that the dust has settled on the complete $2.25 million-dollar project, the company plans additional work to be financed with us.

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