5 Tips to Stand Out and Keep Margins Up

Want to hold your margins in a competitive market? Use what sets you apart. Here are 5 ways:

1. Don’t Harvest, Relate
Too many dealers treat customers like crops to be grown and harvested. Instead remember the person behind the problem and work for a relationship, not a transaction.

2. Go High, Not Wide
Concentrate resources on a particular vertical. Trying to sell to anybody is a recipe for being a nobody. Be authoritative – and profitable – in a niche you define.

3. Wear White Gloves
Don’t make your customer work for anything, if you can help it. Solution design, implementation, financing, installation – just take care of it, better and more seamlessly than anyone.

4. Sell Light, Not Lightbulbs
Most customers aren’t interested in the details. Get right to the bottom line: what problem do you solve and how do you do it better?

5. Know Your Customers
When customers contact you, they need to feel like you “get” them, that you’re all in the same tribe. When they feel understood, they come back.

LEAF helps you stand out by offering your customers flexible terms and creative options they won’t find anywhere else. We can also offer you fully branded white-label financing that keeps the focus on your business.