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Splitting the Bill to Seal the Deal

Project Size: $211,000
Problem: A request for extraordinarily detailed monthly billing breakdowns threatened to break down a sale
Solution: A custom billing solution provided the extensive billing detail needed – and then some

One of our business solutions dealers was working with a cost-per-copy customer who needed extraordinarily detailed billing for a contract covering numerous units spread over 27 locations. Faced with a request to break down billing by department name and number, code number and payment for each unit – month after month – some finance companies would have refused, endangering an important contract for their dealer.

But not LEAF. Not only did we handle the level of billing detail our dealer’s customer requested, we went the extra mile by also offering billing breakdowns by profile name, reference number, location, department code and more. As a result, our dealer’s customer got the billing detail they needed, plus insight they didn’t think was even possible. And that’s the kind of service and support that keeps customers coming back.


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