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The Undisputed Key to More Sales

If you make your equipment easier to pay for, more people will buy it. The previous sentence is not a famous quote. It’s not a parable or the end of a tale spun by some unrealistic self-help book. It’s a truth. A fact. It’s like saying the sky is blue. Leading with a payment is the undisputed key to ensure more equipment sales. But…

Financing a Solution Wins Over Selling Equipment

The competitive environment for manufacturers, vendors and dealers is increasingly intense. As such, companies are seeing more and more pressure on pricing and risk. In every challenge, though, there is opportunity. Innovative thinkers are bringing new approaches to the market. Bundling services, technology and support with equipment sales – a “solutions” oriented approach – is key to selling more in this environment, but most aren’t realizing the impact a finance program can have on the success of those efforts.

The Great Divide Between Equipment Sales Teams and Customers

78% of businesses look for financing when making commercial equipment purchases. Zig Ziglar, the famous sales mentor and author, once said that if you want to sell more, “Talk about money first.” You may think, “Of course you’d say that – you’re a finance company.” And financing definitely does make talking about money early in the sales process a lot easier. But let’s go a little deeper. Have you ever had a customer spend countless hours with you talking specs, bits, bytes? They watch your sales teams generate proposals, revisions to proposals and revisions to the revisions, yet the deals take way too long to close or end up not closing at all. Talk about a waste of time. But it happens to way too many sales professionals. In fact…

The Dealer Cash Flow Impact of the Finance Offering

“Cash flow is not just a thing. It’s the only thing.” – Principal of a $114 Million Office Products Dealer Over time, you’ll hear finance companies speak ad nauseum of the importance of selling a payment for your equipment – even leading with one. And motives aside, businesses will generally buy more things if they have more cash to do it. Financing is critical to achieving success here. But what about YOUR cash flow? As a dealer principal, cash flows are the life blood of success just like it is for your customers. So, how does your finance offering impact YOUR cash flows?

Three Things Your Customers Might Say About You

Every year, a marketing company and a third-party research firm get together and ask a few thousand businesses what they think about buying office equipment through sales teams like yours. Here are a few actual quotes from the study we thought you might find interesting:

End-of-Lifecycle Marketing Can Yield a Sales Boom

Fill the top of the funnel. Office equipment sales teams are always on the hunt keeping the pipeline full. But could your team be missing one of the best ways to ensure repeat business? While different from customer to customer, all your equipment has a lifecycle – a predetermined point in the future where they will need to replace the equipment they purchased from you. If you leverage this concept appropriately, you can sketch out sales months and years in advance. And most dealers miss the opportunity. In a recent survey of more than 900 dealer sales teams, only 14% made the end-of-life event a primary marketing focus.

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