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Are You Selling or Consulting?

Quick, who makes more money: a salesperson or a consultant? Most of you would respond in favor of the consultant, and you’d be correct. The statistics bear that out. In the office equipment business, there has been a longstanding effort to evolve in the direction of solution selling instead of just selling products or hardware. The increasing role of services in the industry is partly the cause. However, the biggest need for change is less about your service mix and more about customer needs.

Who’s in Charge of Your Day?

How do you begin your day? If you’re like a lot of dealers, you wake to a smartphone alarm at 6:00am or so. Then, inevitably, before anything else, your eyes are drawn to that little colored badge on your email app…and boom, you’re immediately caught up battling the dragons of the day. No wonder you’re tired, frustrated and anxious before you even hit the shower.

The Undisputed Key to More Sales

If you make your equipment easier to pay for, more people will buy it. The previous sentence is not a famous quote. It’s not a parable or the end of a tale spun by some unrealistic self-help book. It’s a truth. A fact. It’s like saying the sky is blue. Leading with a payment is the undisputed key to ensure more equipment sales. But…

Financing a Solution Wins Over Selling Equipment

The competitive environment for manufacturers, vendors and dealers is increasingly intense. As such, companies are seeing more and more pressure on pricing and risk. In every challenge, though, there is opportunity. Innovative thinkers are bringing new approaches to the market. Bundling services, technology and support with equipment sales – a “solutions” oriented approach – is key to selling more in this environment, but most aren’t realizing the impact a finance program can have on the success of those efforts.

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