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Portfolio Buyout Saves the Deal

Project Size: $950,000
Problem: No financing for a proposed business acquisition contingent on a $1 million in-house lease portfolio buyout with a looming deadline and complex structuring requirements
Solution: Immediate assembly of a special ad hoc LEAF team tasked to work with bank representatives to rapidly develop a unique structure to fund and close the portfolio purchase before the deadline

The best opportunities often show up quickly. And they pass by just as rapidly, unless you have the financial speed and flexibility you need to capture those opportunities and turn them into bottom line advantages for your business.

Recently, a dealer prospect needed our help purchasing a small dealership with an in-house leasing program. In order to complete the transaction, the bank required that all outstanding leases, amounting to nearly $1 million, be paid in full prior to closing.

LEAF quickly assembled a solution group to complete the portfolio purchase for our dealer. Working closely with the dealer and the bank, our Account Champions developed a complex custom financing structure, one with far more moving parts than most financing companies are equipped and willing to handle. But we handled it – and we handled it fast, swiftly funding the transaction, meeting the bank’s deadline and saving this opportunity for the dealer.

Previously, this dealer had relied on multiple finance companies, each with different strengths, but none with the complete package. After seeing how quickly and flexibly we handled this important, limited-time offer, the dealer reconsidered the financing program and rapidly realized the benefits of leveraging a finance company with all of the resources under one roof – and the agility, willingness and expertise to creatively use those resources to move businesses forward. Now this dealer has chosen to lead with LEAF, making a considerable volume commitment.

Having a LEAF Account Champion – or a whole team of them – at your service can mean the difference between closing the opportunity and losing it to the competition. As one of the nation’s largest independent finance companies, we’ve got the resources you need, when you need them. And we’re committed to doing what it takes to get the deal done, including fast, friendly delivery of a one-time, one-off financing structure that bigger and slower finance resources would take weeks to create and approve, if they had any interest in accommodating your needs in the first place.

Will you be ready when opportunity knocks? At LEAF, we’ll do our best to make sure you are and we’ll be happy to tell you more. For more on what a LEAF Account Champion can do to help you seize opportunity, contact us today.

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