Tap a New Revenue Stream

With LEAF Partners in Profit

Looking for more revenue? How about a way to lock out competition when customer leases end? Try LEAF Partners in Profit and tap into the massive revenue potential at the end of the term.

Partners in Profit gives you complete control of end-of-term equipment, so it can keep generating revenue for you over its entire useful life.

Here’s How It Works

Document your customer on a rental agreement

LEAF funds you under the Partners in Profit program

You control the equipment at the end of the term and start generating revenue

Generate Revenue After the Lease Ends

Partners in Profit squeezes more revenue from rental equipment and it’s an easy way to retain customers and capture new markets.

Less Work

Let LEAF continue to bill and collect payments for you

Locked Out Competition

Take control of the end-of-term purchase price and buyout amount

More Revenue

Retain end-of-term equipment to sell, rent or lease again

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end of the term, contact us today.

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