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LEAF helps dealers, resellers and manufacturers generate more customers, sell more equipment and get paid faster.


LEAF offers captive-style financing for manufacturers building a competitive advantage.


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Why Choose LEAF?

Outstanding Flexibility

We’re happy to customize terms to meet almost any customer requirement. Just let us know what you need.

Equipment PLUS

Equipment, delivery, installation, software, services and more – we finance all of it. So your customers can afford more, without compromising cash flow.

Technology Tools

LEAF’s financing technology is advanced (so advanced, we keep winning awards for it). And it gives you start-to-finish financing on nearly any device.

Returning Customers

More than 60% of our customers are returning. If we deliver a great financing experience for your equipment, you’ll keep them coming back for more.

Simple Process

Our FinanceNOW platform and other leading technologies offer a fast, simple process that drives sales while saving time and reducing expenses.

Account Champions

We’re not here to do a deal. We’re here to solve problems and help businesses grow. For this need, the next need and all equipment needs.

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LEAF Brings Deep Experience to Growing Sales for Companies

Across a Wide Variety of Industries


LEAF Helps You Grow Your Business

LEAF isn’t just another leasing and finance company. We’re partners in helping you grow your business. Expand your opportunities and boost your bottom line with our wide array of dealer programs.

Experience the Next Generation of Financing

Sell more with the leasing and financing solution that gives customers the power to think bigger and go farther.


Put a Champion in Your Corner

Having a LEAF Account Champion in your corner can be the advantage you need to hold onto deals with surprise special requests. Click to read all of our dealer success stories.

Custom Invoicing Saves a Sale

Done deals can be easily undone by post-funding special requests. Recently LEAF funded a deal that was in danger of collapsing…

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Portfolio Buyout Saves the Deal

The best opportunities often show up quickly. And they pass by just as rapidly, unless you have the financial speed and flexibility you need to capture those…

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Special Terms Fit the Bill

Financing flexibility and speed can be hugely important to winning deals that hinge on an unusual structuring request from a customer…

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Fast Funding Expedites the Order

With LEAF’s flexible financing and expert assistance, the dealer helped his customers acquire equipment from the manufacturer…

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