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Stats on Office Technology Dealer Succession Planning
How are office technology dealers responding to an active M&A market? Here’s some insight from a recent survey of dealer princip...Read More
Strategic Planning for Office Technology Dealer Capital Needs
Research indicates that most business decisionmakers wait until equipment fails to replace it. Most lessees wait until the last mi...Read More
9 Tips to Help You Become a More Effective Solution Provider
Staying relevant and competitive in today’s market means continually evolving and improving the way you provide solutions to cus...Read More
3 Interesting Trends in the Office Equipment Leasing Experience
3 Interesting Trends in the Office Equipment Leasing Experience Recently a third-party research company surveyed more than 2000...Read More
Price Objections in the Equipment Sales Process
How to overcome basic price objections when selling equipment. Imagine this scenario: you’ve spent a good deal of time establish...Read More
Why Dealer Websites Need to Promote Financing
According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, 70% of businesses leverage at least one form of financing to get the...Read More
Equipment Financing - The Missing Link in Sales Training
Selling equipment in the business-to-business marketplace is a highly competitive, stressful endeavor. In order to succeed, sales...Read More
Add Online Financing the Easy Way
Today’s equipment customers shop online. And they’re financing equipment more than ever before. So they expect your website to...Read More
Section 179
Section 179, the IRS Tax Code that allows a business to deduct the total cost of certain types of equipment from their income taxe...Read More
Goodbye, 1999: Is the World Moving on Without You?
What will copier sales look like in 20 years? For one thing, they probably won’t be called copiers. But one thing is certain: th...Read More
4 Tips to Encourage Repeat Business
Funnels and pipelines. Sales is full of references to keeping the “flow of business” moving. But the secret to building long-t...Read More
MPS and the Equipment Vendor Comfort Zone
When evaluating their marketplace, equipment vendors and their sales teams often fall into patterns of past experience that wind u...Read More
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Section 179 | How to Get Your Customers the Most Out of the Section 179 Deduction