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Goodbye, 1999: Is the World Moving on Without You?
What will copier sales look like in 20 years? For one thing, they probably won’t be called copiers. But one thing is certain: th...Read More
4 Tips to Encourage Repeat Business
Funnels and pipelines. Sales is full of references to keeping the “flow of business” moving. But the secret to building long-t...Read More
MPS and the Equipment Vendor Comfort Zone
When evaluating their marketplace, equipment vendors and their sales teams often fall into patterns of past experience that wind u...Read More
Driving New SMB Revenues With an Old Friend
SMBs could soon lead sales growth in MPS, ECM, and other maturing technologies. LEAF’s Nick Capparelli explores 8 ways financing...Read More
Is the Customer Always Right?
You’ve heard the old adage that the ‘customer is always right.’ And the thing is…they’re not. Office equipment buyers wi...Read More
How to Run a Great Sales Contest
Salespeople love to win. It’s not enough to be good – they want to be the best. That drive can be very good for your business...Read More
The Integrated Solution That Wasn't
To say the copier industry is competitive is like saying Steve Jobs had a knack for marketing. Couple that with customer demand f...Read More
Five Tips for Getting to a Quicker “Yes”
Want to get to a quicker yes with your prospects? Here are a couple of important points to stress the benefits of equipment financ...Read More
Solution Selling
Solution selling is the art of solving customers’ problems by specifying and providing the perfect mix of equipment, services, c...Read More
Creative Financing - The Secret Weapon of Sales
Why creative financing boosts ticket average and helps to close more sales. One of the best ways to sell more equipment is to make...Read More
The Importance of Recurring Revenue
Service contracts that generate monthly recurring revenues are important contributors to your long-term profitability. But many de...Read More
Maximizing Enterprise Value: Moving From Hardware to Solutions
As the “roll up” M&A environment continues to move quickly, office equipment dealers often find themselves looking for the bes...Read More
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