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Why You Should Consider Bundling Your Service Agreements
Service contracts that generate monthly recurring revenues are important contributors to your long-term profitability. But many de...Read More
The Secret to Closing More Equipment Sales
Commercial equipment sales teams that lead with a payment option are six times more likely to close the sale. Surprised? Wait unti...Read More
5 Tips to Clear Out Inventory Without Discounting
What’s the first thing you think of when you need to move older inventory to make way for the latest and greatest? For a lot of...Read More
Nick Capparelli Expert Insight: ENX Magazine
ENX Magazine: Capital Improvements
How are current economic and market conditions affecting the office technology industry? LEAF’s Managing Director Nick Capparell...Read More
Is the Customer Always Right?
You’ve heard the old adage that the ‘customer is always right.’ And the thing is…they’re not. Office equipment buyers wi...Read More
The Finance Admin’s Role in the Customer Experience
Let’s face it: you’re kind of a big deal. “84% ranked lease administrator contribution to their customer satisfaction as...Read More
Are You Selling or Consulting?
Quick, who makes more money: a salesperson or a consultant? Most of you would respond in favor of the consultant, and you’d be c...Read More
ELFA: 6 Technology Steps to Take Now
Cyber-criminals know that people can be easier to hack than computers. LEAF's Mike McKie shares insight on combatting sophisticate...Read More
How Great Teams Fail to Deliver Great Outcomes
Great teams are important, but are they enough? LEAF's Sandy Graydus explains why cross-team communication is critical to business...Read More
Are Marketing and Sales on the Same Page?
LEAF’s Michelle Speranza discusses aligning marketing and sales teams to drive revenue and position brands for long-term success...Read More
The Cannata Report: 2018 Virtual Panel Series: Leasing
How are finance companies working to support dealers as the imaging industry continues to evolve? LEAF’s Managing Director, Nick...Read More
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