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Equipment Finance Advisor: Marketing Automation Platform Answers
What should you expect from a marketing automation solution? Here’s some helpful insight from LEAF’s Michelle Speranza and oth...Read More
The Imaging Channel: February Virtual Panel on Sales and Marketing
What are best practices for 2019 marketing and sales? LEAF’s Michelle Speranza and other leaders share their insights.
5 Big Trends in Office Equipment Dealer M&A
As the frenzy in the global M&A market continues, office equipment dealers find roll-ups, private equity investment and even LBOs...Read More
The Power of Customer Stories
Your dealership’s best salespeople share similar characteristics. Persistence, work ethic and dedication, for sure. But the best...Read More
Do Vertical Markets Hold the Key to Organic Growth?
Should your sales team have some vertical market specialists on it? A recent survey points to a few interesting facts that indicat...Read More
Imaging Device as a Service. Are You Ready?
The monthly subscription model for technology, software and services has been a revolution is the current business climate. From c...Read More
The Avoidable Reason Customers Say “Not Right Now”
Somewhere in your pipeline or prospect database is a potential opportunity that just won’t become an actual sale, no matter what...Read More
5 Important Stats
Customers who finance can be your best customers. Here’s why.
Why You Should Consider Bundling Your Service Agreements
Service contracts that generate monthly recurring revenues are important contributors to your long-term profitability. But many de...Read More
The Secret to Closing More Equipment Sales
Commercial equipment sales teams that lead with a payment option are six times more likely to close the sale. Surprised? Wait unti...Read More
5 Tips to Clear Out Inventory Without Discounting
What’s the first thing you think of when you need to move older inventory to make way for the latest and greatest? For a lot of...Read More
Nick Capparelli Expert Insight: ENX Magazine
ENX Magazine: Capital Improvements
How are current economic and market conditions affecting the office technology industry? LEAF’s Managing Director Nick Capparell...Read More
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