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Section 179 How to Guide
Understand the basics of Section 179 with this quick how-to resource that explains the valuable tax benefits that Section 179 make...Read More
Six Tips to Build Business Credit
Credit is a funny thing. Or maybe not so much funny as titanically frustrating. If you really need credit, it’s hard to get. If...Read More
Cash Is King - Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line
It’s interesting that at a time when major corporations are sitting on mountains of cash, small- and medium-sized companies are...Read More
Monitordaily: Top 50 Women in Equipment Finance
Who are the women taking the reins at the dawn of a new decade? Get insight with profiles from the Monitor’s first-ever Top 50 W...Read More
Monitordaily: A Changing of the Guard: The Industry’s New...
A new generation of industry leaders is rising. What’s their vision? The Monitor recently asked 5 under 50, including LEAF’s M...Read More
Paul Tyczkowski on the Changing Role of Finance Professionals
In a video interview for Equipment Finance Advisor, LEAF’s Paul Tyczkowski discusses why finance professionals should step outsi...Read More
Keeping Pace: Moving Into Telematics Affordably
Many businesses are moving aggressively into telematics. Knowing where, when and how your equipment is performing drives big effic...Read More
Does Your Lender Know Commercial Equipment Financing?
What if the person who trimmed your hair was also your family doctor, dentist, and surgeon? In medieval times, this was a thing -...Read More
A Better Way to Acquire Equipment?
For most business owners, equipment acquisition happens in the break/fix moment. Recent research points to more than 65% of all sm...Read More
Combatting the Rising Cost of Doing Business Without Limiting Growth
Whether it’s trade wars and tariffs or the general price increase of raw materials, healthcare, and even office supplies facing...Read More
Expanding Into New Customer Segments Affordably
Do you have a large number of customers in one industry? Are over 30% of your revenues with one customer? These are just some of t...Read More
5 Ways the Tax Reform Makes Now a Great Time to...
Thinking about growing your business? See how tax law changes can make it easier and more affordable.
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Section 179 | How to Get the Most Out of the Section 179 Deduction