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Make the Most of Capital Expenditure Investments

Don’t be so quick to delay equipment investments. With innovative thinking and flexible financing from LEAF, you can equip your company for success while preserving limited budgets, with the following solutions:

Equipment Financing
Technology Financing

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Manufacturer Team Problem Solving

Relieving Project Budget Constraints

Large projects are often delayed by cash flow concerns and evolving complexity. LEAF was able to work with an athletic apparel company to bring a creative, scalable, and affordable approach to a challenging project.

Solution: Equipment Financing

LEAF Economic Recovery Survey

What do other business leaders think about economic recovery? What should you be thinking about and when should you act on opportunities? Our monthly survey of over 5,000 financial decision makers can help guide you through uncertainty and to recovery and growth.

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Problems Solved

From helping a national seller of technology implement an as-a-service solution to funding the transformation efforts of a local manufacturer, LEAF works with a wide range of customers to offer flexible finance solutions that solve problems and prepare them for the road ahead.

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How Can a Creative Approach to CapEx Help You Solve a Business Problem?

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