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Keeping a Sale From Stalling With Custom Invoicing

Project Size: $380,000
Problem: An unusual request for special invoicing and grace period adjustments
Solution: LEAF came through with completely customized invoicing and a doubled grace period

A dealer working with an automotive components business approached us with a very specific, non-negotiable request for custom invoice timing and addressing on a financed equipment sale. The customer also required a doubling of the standard payment grace period.

Some finance companies would turn down these requests immediately. Apart from the extra work and expense involved now, accommodating the customer would encourage later requests for special invoicing, extended grace periods and other exceptions.

These are reasonable concerns for a finance company in a very competitive industry. But LEAF believes in doing what it takes to deliver financing that’s a perfect fit every time. So we happily met this customer’s needs and helped the dealer win the sale. And in the future, when the customer needs financing that fits the way they do business, it’s a good bet they’ll come to this dealer first.


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