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Going the Extra Mile on a Common Request

Project Size: $250,000
Problem: A customer requested a 30 day lead time on invoices
Solution: LEAF discovered that the customer actually needed more – and made it happen

A property management business needed equipment immediately, but it also needed net 30 terms on every invoice. As financing requests go, this one was pretty common.

But at LEAF, we go the extra mile for our customers. Rather than just set up terms as requested and move on, our team took a closer look and quickly realized that net 30 terms wouldn’t work. So we came back with a solution that included the net 60 terms actually needed to meet the needs of the business’s accounts payable department.

Because our team took time to really understand the problem, the business got more than the equipment it needed. It got a financing solution it didn’t know it needed, helping to build the dealer’s reputation for expertise and service that goes above and beyond to make customers’ lives easier.

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