5 Reasons to Finance Products Made by Other Solution Providers

Even the most complex business solutions should be easy to buy and pay for. But when multiple solution providers, diverse hardware and software, and various finance providers are involved, buying becomes complicated, payments get fragmented and seamless solutions aren’t so seamless anymore.

You can solve those problems with LEAF Captive in the Cloud™, which makes it easy to finance everything – new and used hardware and software from any number of solution providers – with a single billing each month.

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The customer benefits are clear: less time spent paying bills, easier accounting and taxes, simplified insight into the bottom line impact of complex solutions.

But what about the benefits for you as a solution provider? Here are 5:

You take a leading role in the customer’s mind.

You control more of the sales conversation.

You take a larger role in solution design.

You get additional sales opportunities, now and at upgrade time.

You build your status as an industry authority.

Financing products from other solution providers really can help you build your own business. For more on how this works and other ideas on using financing as a strategic business tool, get in touch anytime for a quick chat or fill out the form below.