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From marketing and IT integration with our leading customer finance programs to fleet financing and funding the items surrounding an acquisition, our comprehensive financial solutions for equipment dealers solve real problems.


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Why Choose LEAF?

Customized and Creative Solutions

Your customers are more than a credit application. Your business doesn’t fit into a box. LEAF designs every program around your go-to-market needs.


You can rest easy with the confidence that your customers will be walking in the footsteps of nearly 250,000 businesses that have trusted LEAF to make equipment affordable.

It’s Easier Here

It’s easier to get paid. It’s easier to process transactions. It’s easier to build awareness of your capabilities. It’s easier to sell more. And it’s easier to build returning customers.

Power to Keep You Growing

We don’t just finance your deals. We’ve got the resources and financial strength to power long-term sales growth with a finance program that solves real problems and keeps your customers coming back.

Grow Your Business

With the LEAF CapitalAlliance™

Fleet Financing

Do you have a program to acquire fleet assets that can improve the customer experience and elevate your brand while reducing operating costs? The LEAF CapitalAlliance™ includes Fleet Financing designed around the unique needs of your enterprise to help preserve cash, enhance cash flow and reduce maintenance expenses.

Upgrading the Office

Is your office as modern and advanced as the technology you sell? LEAF Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Funding, part of the LEAF CapitalAlliance™, minimizes the cash required to complete renovations or technology overhauls while preserving delicate revolver bank relationships.

Inventory Financing

The LEAF CapitalAlliance™ is built on decades of leadership in equipment finance and deep connections to OEMs. Built on that foundation, our expanded Inventory Financing offers enhanced flexibility that frees your operation from OEM restrictions.

Customer Finance Programs

LEAF is a leader in customer financing. Always custom-designed around your needs and never “off the shelf”, our solutions solve real problems and make your equipment easier to buy.

Growth Capital

LEAF CapitalNow™, also part of the LEAF CapitalAlliance™, offers easy access to growth funding. It’s growth capital that works.

IT Integration

By leveraging our first-hand experience with the most common accounting, operations and CRM software, IT integration capabilities offered through the LEAF CapitalAlliance™ ensure the most efficient customer finance program operations while providing the information to power improved decision-making.

Marketing Support

LEAF’s marketing support services, another element of the LEAF CapitalAlliance™, are a great complement to your existing marketing capabilities. We’re here to support your team with fully customized marketing materials and strategic insight to help educate your market, start more productive sales conversations and elevate your brand.

Easy Switching

Too entrenched with another provider to consider a switch? It’s easy and fast to move financed business with LEAF TransitionNow™. No volume restrictions, no migration cost, no hassles. Plus immediate access to all programs and benefits. TransitionNow™ makes it simple to consolidate your financed business with the rest of your LEAF CapitalAlliance™.

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A next generation customer experience that powers your sales growth, anytime…anywhere

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LEAF Helps You Grow Your Business

LEAF isn’t just another leasing and finance company. We’re partners in helping you grow your business. Expand your opportunities and boost your bottom line with our wide array of dealer programs.

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