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Custom Invoicing Saves a Sale

Project Size: $525,000
Problem: Undisclosed custom invoicing needs
Solution: One-off manual invoicing

Done deals can be easily undone by post-funding special requests. Recently LEAF funded a $525,000 deal that was in danger of collapsing due to a late request for custom invoicing with detailed CPC (cost-per-copy) overages on each schedule and a single monthly payment amount for all equipment and maintenance, instead of separate line items.

Rather than leave the dealer to resolve this problem and most likely lose a funded deal (and a good customer), LEAF assured the dealer and his customer that we would find a solution.

And we did, quickly.

Our solution? A manual invoicing override that many finance companies would reject outright as being too much work and trouble to administer month after month.

But at LEAF, it’s never too much work or trouble to save an important deal. And here, every deal is important.

Each month, LEAF handles the invoicing for this deal manually, consolidating payment amounts and detailing CPC billing. It’s all transparent for the customer and effortless for our dealer. And every month, it reinforces our dealer’s reputation for doing what it takes to support a customer’s unique business needs.

What does it mean to have an Account Champion from one of the nation’s largest independent finance companies in your corner? To this dealer, it means being able to accommodate customers in ways other dealers can’t, a major competitive advantage. It also means more repeat business, more referrals and more opportunities.

Doesn’t your business deserve financing that gives you more? At LEAF, going the extra mile is just the way we do business and we’d like to tell you more. To learn what a LEAF Account Champion can do for your business, get in touch today.

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