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It’s Time to Redefine What Cost Per Copy Means for Your Business

Whether you position your product as cost per copy, cost per image, or cost per print, LEAF 360° CPC can be customized to support your unique go-to market strategy.

Our system is designed to easily integrate with your product branding and existing documentation and you can personalize the content we include on your customer invoices.

What You Need to Know About 360º CPC

LEAF 360° CPC delivers the most dealer-focused CPC tools on the market, with expanded features that make managing your program more convenient and efficient than ever.

LEAF 360º CPC’s user-friendly navigation combines all of the critical functionality you need to expedite processing, improve invoicing quality, and satisfy customers.

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Get the LEAF Cost Per Copy Advantage

Maximize efficiency and better monitor and manage your cost per customer base. 360º CPC integrates seamlessly with the way you go to market, allowing us to fit into your business versus having you fit into ours.

Delivers a Fully Robust Dealer Web Portal
One-stop shop site that lets you originate any type of lease transaction required.

Customize Our System to Do Business the Way You Do
Gain the ability to seamlessly integrate our offering into your go–to–market strategy, from product names, invoicing formats, and documentation…delivering the product the way you want.

Supports Multiple Meter Reads With a Single Lease Contract
Get complete customer control with the ability to support their total leased equipment portfolio.

Summary Meter Tracking Ability
Places you in control to decide what best fits your customer’s unique business needs by offering an option of single or aggregate allowance.

Annual Meter Cost Escalations Ability
Provides you up front protection to ensure you lock in your future price increases enabling you to maximize your profitablilty.

Supports Service-Only Assets
Lock in your customer with the convenience of one invoice for all of their financed equipment needs and lock out your competition.

More Comprehensive Reporting
Make better business decisions with data usage reports that are available by contract, model, asset type, delinquency status, and even provide you with real time service hold alerts.

Obtain Real Time Delinquency Reporting
Provides you with the immediate protection you need to make sure you only provide service to current accounts minimizing your risk of nonpayment.

Access to CPC Usage Billing Data
Helps you determine if your customers are maximizing their equipment usage allowance so you can make the adjustments necessary; ensuring your customers are satisfied.

Provides the Ability to Integrate Into Your Existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems
With our seamless integration capabilities, your meter read data files are guaranteed to be 100% accurate and as simple to send as a click of the mouse.

Online Customer Invoice
Allows you to respond immediately to any customer inquiries.

Get Real Time Notification of Error Conditions
Reduces the level of rework, eliminates double entries, and minimizes the need to recontact your customer. Ultimately you get better invoice quality, timelier payments, and more loyal customers.

Dedicated LEAF Collection Efforts
Our expanded support is there to assist you in maximizing your CPC revenue.

Complete Audit History Detail
This online change history repository allows you to instantly answer any questions your customer may have and helps you deliver expedited service at the same time.

Access Our Intelligent Invoicing Formats
More comprehensive information that’s easy to read, means less phone time for you, and happier customers.

Asset Level Tracking
Gain the ability to track, report, and invoice assets the way your customer desires.


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