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We’re here to help! You can browse our frequently asked questions below for answers to your CPC concerns.

How do I contact my 360° CPC team?
You can e-mail us at LEAFCPC@LEAFnow.com or call 866.517.0155 with any questions you may have.

Who will receive meter due notifications?
These requests will be sent to the 360° CPC administration contact you have set up in the FinanceNOW platform dealer profile, which is our online 360° CPC origination portal.

How long do we have to input meters?
To ensure we give you sufficient time to collect and upload your customer meter data, LEAF enables you to input meters five days before it is due, the day it is due, and four days following the meter due date.

How flexible is your meter billing capabilities?
We can support monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual meter billing needs.

Can I manually input meters through LEAF’s FinanceNOW platform if we choose not to upload?
Yes, we give you the ability to upload or manually enter your meter reads.

Can meter files be uploaded using CSV files?
Yes, they can be uploaded through the FinanceNOW platform.

What meter types can LEAF bill?
LEAF can support a wide variety of usage types such as color, black and white, images, scans, prints, feet, and can customize our product to support the way you do business.

How do I correct uploaded information?
Our meter repository allows meters, dates, serial numbers, and meter types to be edited after upload.

How can I tell when a meter has been invoiced?
The meter repository will flag a meter as billed or you may check the 360° CPC portfolio to view the meter billing history for a full history of meters billed and their charges.

How can I begin to offer the LEAF 360° CPC product?
Getting your company set up with our 360° CPC product suite is simple and convenient. Getting started is as easy as completing and returning our 360° CPC program agreement. Within 24 hours of receiving your signed agreement, you will be sent all of the information you need to start submitting your transactions.

How is LEAF’s approach to CPC different from the current products on the market?
LEAF’s 360° CPC platform was developed using interview feedback and onsite visits with dealers that are experts in the “cost per” product category. Built from the ground up with real-world needs in mind, LEAF 360° CPC delivers advanced CPC tools with powerful features that make managing your program more convenient and efficient than ever.

Can I submit my CPC transactions via the web?
Yes, LEAF can support all of your CPC and non-CPC transactions through our originations FinanceNOW platform. Our fully robust lease originations site allows you to enter your transactions, obtain credit decisions, receive status updates as well as generate documents.

What equipment types can I put on a CPC lease?
Any equipment types approved by LEAF with or without a meter device.

What does your 360° CPC lease and worksheet look like?
You can request a copy of our document package by contacting your assigned Account Champion at 866.517.0155.

Can I use my own documents?
Yes, once your preferred documents are reviewed and approved. We give you the flexibility to utilize your documents or another lessor’s documents as well as opting to brand the existing LEAF documentation with your logo.

Can you support interim rents?
Yes, our system allows you to maximize your revenue by billing and collecting your interim rent charges.

Can you bill supply freight charges?
Yes, and there is no additional processing fee assessed.

What types of collateral can you bill for usage charges and service?
Both financed and customer owned equipment can be billed.

Can we increase maintenance and overage?
Our CPC program allows you to build in annual meter increases in escalations up to 15% each year on the full payment. You can build in these increases at the time of booking, ensuring you maximize your profit on each CPC transaction.

When will I receive payments of service and overage revenue?
Service and overage revenue is paid by the 15th of the month following in which the charges were collected.

How do we know when data adjustments have been processed?
The 360° CPC team will email the requestor of the adjustment when the adjustments have been processed in their entirety.

How are buyouts quoted and do they include future service, billed usage?
Buyouts to the customer and non originating dealers will include, billed service, billed usage, and future maintenance.

How will you handle unbilled usage in a buyout situation?
The originating dealer will be requested to provide a current meter read so estimated overages can be added into the buyout calculations for any unbilled periods of existing usage.

What type of “pre-sale” product and system training is available?
We offer a wide variety of training tools to assist you in understanding all of the features and benefits of our 360° CPC offering. You can request our video introduction to the product or schedule a live web demonstration with one of our 360° CPC experts. To request training, please contact us at 360CPC@LEAFnow.com.

What type of “post-sale” training is available?
Once your company is authorized to use our system you can schedule an indepth training with a LEAF CPC specialist. To request training, please contact us at 360CPC@LEAFnow.com.

What type of reporting is available?
There is a suite of 360° CPC reports available on the FinanceNOW platform for your use to view or export for further analysis. These reports cover everything from meter data, delinquency information, lease maturities as well as a wide variety of critical data.

How can I tell if we should provide service or not to a customer?
Your Service Hold Consideration report covering only your CPC customers is available and updated daily through the FinanceNOW platform reporting tab.

How will I know if a lease is nearing expiration?
The FinanceNOW platform provides access to your lease expiration report which is updated daily. The report is viewable or exportable.

Can I see delinquency for my non CPC accounts?
The FinanceNOW platform provides access to your delinquency report which is updated daily and covers both CPC and non CPC customers. The report is viewable or exportable.

How flexible is your invoice format and what unique fields exist to provide information to my customers?
We provide descriptive fields for the following: name usage profiles, assign a unique customer reference number to each asset such as, PO #, tag number, etc., provide location names for each asset such as marketing, shipping, medical records, etc., and asset level multiple address lines with the city, state, and zip fields are also available.

Can I view my customer invoices online?
Yes, simply access the FinanceNOW platform 24/7 to view your 360° CPC invoices.

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