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About CPC

What You Need to Know About 360º CPC

LEAF’s 360° CPC platform was developed based on feedback from extensive interviews, as well as onsite visits with dealers who are experts in the cost per product category. LEAF 360° CPC delivers the most dealer-focused CPC tools on the market, with expanded features that make managing your program more convenient and efficient than ever.

LEAF 360° CPC’s user-friendly navigation combines all of the critical functionality you need to expedite processing your CPC contracts. We designed the system with real-time data intelligence that proactively monitors your meter submissions for accuracy, resulting in improved invoicing quality and satisfied customers.

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Easy ERP Integration


LEAF 360º CPC is designed to accept your data in a wide variety of formats. Our platform is built to support the way you do business versus having you conform to the way we do business.

Real-Time Error Notifications


LEAF 360º CPC automatically performs 14 exception checks to ensure data accuracy. With our interactive error correction, you get real-time data validation, resulting in less rework and happier customers.

Support for Customer-Owned Assets


Our system lets you build customer groups by asset type, enabling you to bill and collect meters to meet almost any customer requirement.

Expanded Asset Management Capabilities


Our multi-level tagging functionality allows you to assign both a cost center and location identifier, giving you and your customers improved asset-level tracking capabilities.

Enhanced Online Usage Profiles


With LEAF 360º CPC, you can closely monitor customer meter usage to ensure you are maximizing your equipment solution, as well as meeting your customers’ equipment needs.

Better Customer Intelligence


Our comprehensive reporting package provides the information you need to proactively manage your CPC customer portfolio. Various reports are available by contract, model, asset type and delinquency status. You also get real-time service hold alerts.

Online Customer Invoice View


LEAF 360º CPC gives you instant online access to your customers’ invoices, allowing you to immediately respond to inquiries.



You can seamlessly integrate LEAF 360º CPC into your go-to market strategy, from product names and invoicing formats to documentation.

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