5 Tips for Choosing Third-Party Service Providers

The third-party providers you work with should help your reputation, not harm it. Here are 5 quick points to consider when choosing your next solution partner:

1. What’s their reputation?
Check sites like Trustpilot and get industry references.

2. What’s their focus?
Do they specialize in the service you need or is it just one of many services they offer? Worse, is the service a sideline business?

3. Do they take ownership?
In other words, will they treat your customers like you would?

4. Do they offer private-label services?
Keep customers focused on you with a third-party that doesn’t mind doing its work behind the scenes.

5. Can they grow with you?
Ideally, you’ll be working with this partner for a long time. Are they willing and able to expand with your needs?

Financing is a big part of your sales and the experience your customers get from your finance provider can have a big impact on your own reputation. For leasing and financing you can count on to support your reputation for going the extra mile, trust LEAF!