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LEAF CapitalNow
Capital to Grow On

Grow your business now with LEAF CapitalNow™, the flexible, affordable way to get up to $300,000 in growth capital you can start using immediately.

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Need to Capitalize on an Opportunity? Get LEAF CapitalNow

What’s the biggest growth obstacle for most businesses? It’s not finding opportunity. It’s funding opportunity. That’s why we created LEAF CapitalNow™. LEAF CapitalNow™ is capital to grow on and it’s an easier way to get the funds you need to turn opportunity into profit.
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Funds up to $300,000

Get from $25,000 to $300,000 quickly and easily, then put it to work right away to grow your business.

Fast Applications

Answer a few quick questions about your business and your Account Champion will take it from there.

Flexible Terms

Customize your capital to match your growth plan with affordable terms from 3 to 24 months.

Simpler Billpaying

Make tracking bill payments easier with standard monthly payments, not hectic daily withdrawals.

Easy Startup

Take advantage of up to 3 months of conveniently low maintenance payments while you ramp up growth.

Rapid Funding

Enjoy quick, lump-sum funding direct to your account so you can get started on your project fast.

How Will You Use Your Growth Capital?

Use your LEAF CapitalNow™ funds for any business purpose, including:

New Hires
Warehouse Space
Building Upgrades
Financial Needs

Product/Service Development

Marketing Campaigns

New Locations

New Hires

Energy-efficient Building Upgrades

Unexpected Financial Needs


More Inventory

Additional Warehouse Space

Control Cash Flow With a Plan That Works for You

LEAF CapitalNow™ offers a range of flexible repayment options, including plans with convenient maintenance payments while you ramp up growth, followed by equal payments over as many as 24 months.

Trust the Team That Understands Your Business

Nearly 250,000 businesses nationwide trust LEAF to make equipment affordable and provide the capital needed to take advantage of opportunity and grow.

Our customers keep coming back, over 60% each year. We understand the challenges you face and you can count on us to help you meet them.

Fund Your Long-term Financial Success With LEAF CapitalNow

Time to put your growth plans into action? When office equipment dealers need capital now, it’s easier with LEAF. For more information on easy, affordable growth capital from LEAF CapitalNow™, get in touch today.