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LEAF CapitalNow™ is an innovative, easy, and affordable way to access short-term funds to solve real problems:

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From investing in your people and facilities to your products and services, LEAF CapitalNow™ makes it easier and faster, with less impact to your cash flow and budget.

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Ready to move your business forward? Getting the funding you need to get going on your plans is easy and fast with LEAF CapitalNow™. Turn big ideas into action by taking a few simple steps:

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Today’s fast-changing business environment is full of new opportunities. It’s also full of obstacles to going after them. LEAF CapitalNow™ is here to help you quickly solve problems like these and get back to growing your business.

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LEAF CapitalNow™ or a business line of credit – which is right for you? If you’ve got a plan to grow your business and need short-term funding to put your plan into action now, LEAF CapitalNow™ offers a number of advantages you won’t get from a typical business line of credit. Click below to learn more.

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Get past obstacles to business growth and reach your goals faster with ideas and insight from the LEAF team.

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Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions about quickly and easily getting the funds you need to grow your business with LEAF CapitalNow™.


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Working with LEAF means getting financial solutions for where you’re headed, not just for where you are. See how else LEAF’s relationship-based financing helps your business grow.

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