Why Dealer Websites Need to Promote Financing

  October 7, 2015

  Read Time: 1 min 30 sec

According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, 70% of businesses leverage at least one form of financing to get the equipment they need to compete and win in the marketplace.

Now consider this: according to this study, 94% of B2B buyers research business purchases online.

And according to this, most of the buying decision is made before a customer even engages a salesperson.

B2B customers use financing. They shop online. They take the lion’s share of the sales process on themselves.

Put the above together and it becomes obvious why equipment dealers absolutely need to promote the availability of financing on their websites.

Your site is often the first place a customer looks for information. Sometimes it’s the only place. And when a customer shops your site, they’re looking for the whole package, a complete solution that includes equipment, software, delivery, installation, maintenance and, increasingly, financing. If any of those things is missing – or isn’t offered in a clear and compelling way – a dealer that has it all is just a click away.

Don’t be the dealer that doesn’t have it all. You’ve spent a fair amount of time and money getting customers to your site. Don’t give them reasons to leave and go somewhere else, especially when your site’s already done most of the sales work. And don’t let them get away just because it’s not clear you offer financing or how to go about getting financed, especially when they are such simple problems to correct.

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