Who Hit the Snooze Button on Your Deal?

  April 1, 2019

  Read Time: 0 MIN 30 SEC

Prospects clearly need what you’re selling. But they’re slow to respond, and it seems to take forever to get a decision from them. What’s going on?

Here are some cold hard facts about sleepy opportunities like that.

In a recent survey of 148 companies that recently acquired new office technology, the top reasons for decisions that took more than 3 months are:

  • A financial issue NOT addressed by dealer sales teams
  • A financial decision maker that has NOT been engaged by the dealer sales team
  • A company that cannot come up with a realistic ROI/A model to justify the capital outlay or the lease vs. purchase – and they have NOT been shown the way by dealer sales teams

What’s the common theme? Just quoting a lease payment is not enough.

If prospects don’t get a clear plan for meeting their money challenges, they’re likely to hit the snooze button on the deal.

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