The Secret to Closing More Equipment Sales

  January 7, 2019

  Read Time: 0 MIN 45 SEC

Commercial equipment sales teams that lead with a payment option are six times more likely to close the sale.

Surprised? Wait until you read this: only about one in 10 commercial equipment sales teams lead with a finance conversation.

You have to ask yourself why. We did and here are our top three picks for the reason sales teams don’t lead with financing, along with the reasons they should:

  • “Our customers often don’t ask for payments.” Most customers who need payments to make a purchase won’t bring it up on their own
  • “I feel pushy offering payments.” Apart from the fact that it boosts close rates dramatically, offering payments is something many customers actually want you to do
  • “I don’t offer payments until I’m asked.” If payments are offered up front, customers are more likely to buy, even if you’re asking them to abandon a preferred brand and try something different

Pretty powerful stuff. And all from a small change to your sales approach. If you’re not offering payments early in the sales process, give it a go – it could make a huge difference in your numbers.

At LEAF, we make your equipment easier to buy with customized finance solutions that solve real problems – like making it easier to address your customer’s payment concerns quickly so they can concentrate on the value of your solution.

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