Quiz: How Financially Fit Is Your Business?

Test your business’s financial fitness with this quick quiz from LEAF.

1. My business has enough cash to cover expenses for at least three months of slow business, increased expenses, or both.

There are many reasons businesses fail,

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LEAF 2017 Business Economic Outlook Survey

Overall, what is your outlook for your business in 2017?
How do you believe recent and likely upcoming federal interest rate
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Why Choose LEAF? A Small Business Brochure

When you choose LEAF, you’re choosing a team with one goal: to help you equip your business quickly, with customizable, affordable terms that all help you get the most out of your equipment investments. Click the image below to find

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10 Ways to Increase Business Fault Tolerance

In business, it’s not a question of if things will go wrong, but when (and how much). That’s why flexibility is key.

Simply put, if you can’t bend, you break when force is applied (and it will be applied –

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Equipment Financing Outside Your Bank May Be the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Bank Relationship

Many of you may feel your banking relationship is increasingly complicated. Bankers are under more and more pressure to comply with higher and higher standards of regulatory compliance and risk measurement. As their tightening business model evolves, it’s affecting your

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