Equipment Finance Enters the Championship Rounds

LEAF President & COO, Miles Herman, is featured in the Equipment Finance Advisor article, Equipment Finance Enters the Championship Rounds.

“To get a sense of how the year is shaking out as we head into the final rounds of 2016,

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Why Dealers and Resellers Need to Offer More Financing Choices

The world’s spoiled for choice these days. Everywhere, where there used to be one or at most a few options, there’s a half dozen, dozen, or more choices laid out like candy.

Funding business equipment acquisitions is no different. Not

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Looking Forward to 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, by most accounts it was a pretty good year. Many vendors reported a pattern of steady sales increases throughout the year, although there was a slight dip from 2013.

[1] At least according to

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Section 179 Explained

Most equipment vendors are familiar with Section 179, but are not using it effectively to drive sales. This is unfortunate, because properly positioned within a marketing campaign; Section 179 can be used quite effectively to provide significant incentives for customers

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Changing the Face of Finance

To maintain pace with the evolution of the marketplace over the past several decades, the finance industry has changed dramatically, and the rate of change won’t abate any time soon. Finance companies have had to streamline their operations while developing

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