Three Steps to Saving Time (and Frustration) With LEAF

Customers everywhere agree: equipment time is LEAF time.

See how fast, easy and flexible it is to finance equipment with us.

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Is There More to “Application-Only” Than the Application?

“Just fill in the simple form and in anywhere from an hour to a day we’ll hand you $150,000 for commercial equipment.” The increasingly technology-driven world of small business credit decisions is a wonderful thing. Right?

Well, it can be.

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Equipment Buyer Beware

Finding the right finance company can be time consuming. But it’s time well spent when you consider that the wrong choice can leave you locked into a long-term agreement that blunts your competitive edge and hamstrings your business agility for

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Five Reasons to Diversify Your Equipment Financing Strategy Now

Most know diversity is a good thing when it comes to stocks, people and the planet. But what about business equipment financing? Does your business leverage the entire spectrum of available financing methods? Or do you restrict yourself to a

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Mention Financing Early and Often

Sticker shock. Every salesperson’s worst nightmare (except for that one where you haven’t been to class all semester and there’s this big exam coming up and you’re not sure where the classroom even is…). There’s little worse than spending hours—or

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