How to Manage Business Cash and Credit With Equipment Financing e-Book

Building business credit and preserving cash flow is one of the most challenging balances business people face. The good news is…there’s equipment financing. Equipment financing is one of the best ways to manage cash flow and gives you the opportunity

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Think Like a Lender: Understanding the 5 Cs of Business Credit

Consider the lender’s 5 Cs when it comes to building high quality credit!

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Quiz: What’s Your Business Credit IQ?

Think you know business credit? Test your knowledge with our quick business credit IQ quiz! It may not be as simple as you think…

1. It’s best to use business credit only when you have no other choice.

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Equipment Financing Outside Your Bank May Be the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Bank Relationship

Many of you may feel your banking relationship is increasingly complicated. Bankers are under more and more pressure to comply with higher and higher standards of regulatory compliance and risk measurement. As their tightening business model evolves, it’s affecting your

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The Equipment Purchase: Cash or Financing?

For years, popular “money experts” have preached that you should “never buy with credit what you can buy with cash.” And while this is a nice sentiment, it is more of an ideal than an actual recommended business practice. Many

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