A Hidden Reason Your Employees Leave

In a recent independent survey of 3,214 businesses (with less than $50,000,000 in revenue) that make at least two equipment purchases per year…

  • Companies that pay cash for equipment keep equipment longer
  • Companies that pay cash for equipment have higher
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New or Used Equipment? Which Is Right for Your Business?

Upon determining the need for additional commercial equipment, we see business owners often struggling to decide between purchasing new or used. With a little proactive thinking about your business, how you use the equipment and a few financial implications, you

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5 Quick Tips for Spending Wisely on Business Technology

Struggling with the cost of staying current with business technology? On the one hand, you can’t afford to fall behind. On the other, it can be hard on your budget to keep up. That’s why it’s so important to make

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Why Choose LEAF? A Small Business Brochure

When you choose LEAF, you’re choosing a team with one goal: to help you equip your business quickly, with customizable, affordable terms that all help you get the most out of your equipment investments. Click the image below to find

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5 Hidden Costs of Waiting Until the “Wheels Fall Off” to Replace Your Equipment

Things aren’t always as they seem…using equipment through the end of its functioning life has many unforeseen costs.

Here are 5 you may not have realized!

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