What Are Soft Costs and Why Do You Care?

So you’ve won the new bid or have the new production contract in place. Or maybe you made the decision to upgrade your IT infrastructure to create new efficiencies. Either way, equipment purchases that require a healthy chunk of capital

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Can Cash for Equipment Slow Your Growth?

Did you know that small businesses are four times more likely to describe their business as “growing” if they finance equipment over paying cash? Here’s why:

Equipment depreciates, meaning that as it loses value you really have to ensure you

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What’s the Right Way to Fund Business Expansion?

Business owners are optimistic these days and many we work with are flexing their entrepreneurial muscles. They’re no longer just maintaining the status quo. In fact, they’re moving beyond core business growth to put expansion plans into action. But for

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Planning for Rising Interest Rates

For the last several years, our beloved central bank has employed a near-zero interest rate policy – or ZIRP as the financial world has come to know it. Central banks typically employ such measures to help the economy recover from

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A Hidden Reason Your Employees Leave

In a recent independent survey of 3,214 businesses (with less than $50,000,000 in revenue) that make at least two equipment purchases per year…

  • Companies that pay cash for equipment keep equipment longer
  • Companies that pay cash for equipment have higher
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