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Serving large corporations to local businesses and equipment dealers to international manufacturers, LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. has been a trusted lender through the cycles, combining innovative funding of capital expenditures and best-in-class customer finance programs in innovative ways to solve business problems.

When big ideas require capital to build on…trust the Account Champions at LEAF.


For decades LEAF has helped businesses of all sizes plus schools and universities, community nonprofits, and state and local government agencies nationwide, simplify getting equipped to win opportunities and grow.

Solution providers, equipment vendors, and business customers across enterprise technology, hospitality, vending, and dozens of other marketplaces look to LEAF for flexible finance solutions that solve problems and prepare them for the road ahead.

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Expert Insights From Our Senior Management Team

Lessons On Success From Veteran Icon Crit DeMent

Crit DeMent discovered equipment finance by working at a car dealership fresh out of college. Four decades later, he sits down with the Monitor to look back on his iconic career and share three vital lessons for success.


Monitor Livestream: Thinking Big Reimagining the Equipment Finance Product

As equipment leasing shifts its paradigm in a fast-changing marketplace, LEAF SVP of IT Program Management Mike McKie and other panelists discuss what it takes to think bigger now.


Monitor Podcast: Continuous Evolution Through Leadership

How can leaders guide teams through today’s extraordinary challenges? Get veteran insight from LEAF President and COO Miles Herman in this Monitor podcast.

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