6 Ways to Increase Market Share

Want to increase your share of the office furniture market? Here are six tips from Herman Miller Financial Solutions.

Sell Solutions, Not Furniture

Your customers don’t buy furniture – they buy productivity, comfort, ergonomics, customer and employee confidence, etc.

Go the Extra Mile

In your focus areas, continually look for opportunities to exceed expectations

Tier Your Solutions

To combat choice/analysis paralysis, give customers a few well-defined options: basic, step-up and premium. Offer those tiers with one monthly payment each, instead of breaking out costs and billing separately

Keep Payment Simple

One solution, one monthly payment. Customers should never have to pay separately for any aspect of their solution. Having to do so disrupts the integrated experience that’s so important to your success

Play to Your Strengths

Don’t try to be everything to every customer. It works for a while, but you’ll eventually get stretched too thin and risk disappointing customers

Communicate Your Value

Your value is obvious to you, but not necessarily to your customers. You need to spell it out, clearly and often. Everyone in your organization needs to be crystal clear on the value you add and communicate it at every opportunity

Promote Your Value, Increase Your Market Share

Rising competition is a fact of business. But so is your unique value as an office furnishings dealer. Take control of the sales conversation and increase your market share by leveraging your position as an indispensable part of the solutions you provide.