We Think You Should Bring up Financing Throughout Your Sales Process

Financing can be one of your most powerful ways to close sales faster, build bigger deals and boost profits. Here are three reasons why:


Cash Anxiety
Every business needs its cash. 100% financing with affordable payments and no down payment relieves cash anxiety and helps you close the sale.

Margin Preservation
Not only does financing reduce requests for discounts, it makes it easy to take advantage of Section 179, which can effectively save customers up to 35% on the equipment they buy from you, with no impact on your margin.

Bigger Thinking
Customers are always balancing want vs. need. When they’re paying cash, need beats want. But with financing available, customers start thinking that maybe some of their wants are needs, after all.

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Terms and Conditions: LEAF finances equipment only for business purposes and not for personal, family or household use. All applications are subject to credit approval. Void where prohibited.