Boost Q4 Sales With Email and Social Media

Reach out to customers and sell more through year end with these sales tools from LEAF. Just customize where indicated and send via email or post to your preferred social media sales channels to build buying interest and urgency.

How to Use These Tools

Copy the email template or social media post below, personalize it with your company name and you’re all set!

Email Template:

[Your Customer’s Name],
Planning to buy equipment next year? If you act in the next few weeks, you could qualify your business for 2017 Section 179 tax benefits.
Click here to calculate the potential savings on 2017 taxes if you get equipped before the end of the year.
[Insert Your Company Name] has a great selection that’s eligible for Section 179. Plus your purchase may qualify for financing that defers your first payment until 2018 – contact me for details!

Social Media Posts:

(Note: when customizing please keep the 140-character limit in mind if you’re posting on Twitter.)

Post 1

Finance equipment from [Insert Your Company Name] now and get your 2017 Section 179 benefit with no payments until 2018! Learn more at

Post 2

Don’t forget your 2017 Section 179 benefit. [Insert Your Company Name] makes it affordable with financing with no payments until 2018! Learn more at