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Discover How Dealers/Resellers Are Accelerating Their Sales With LEAF

In business you must constantly change to meet the ever evolving needs of the market or risk losing your competitive edge. The same holds true for equipment financing. The "business as usual" approach is potentially not only costing you revenue but also could be negatively impacting your customer relationships. In the current economic climate maximizing every sales opportunity is critical to your success. To ensure your company is positioned to win in today's economy, it is time to reevaluate the effectiveness of your financing partner…you should demand and receive much more.


At LEAF our Dealers/Resellers are at the center of everything that we do. Every product, service, and system is built to achieve one main goal – accelerating your sales. LEAF has established itself as a leader in delivering results driven Dealer/Reseller financing programs that are designed to get your customers' attention. It's time to look beyond financing as simply a payment method and utilize the power of the LEAF 360° Solution™ to evolve your existing leasing program from simply a deal taker to a deal maker.

The LEAF 360° Solution™ integrates sales growth strategies into every facet of the financing process; we find ways to help you generate more revenue from each customer which will transform the way you perceive the value of a financing partner. It is not about simply offering your company a financing program…it is actually helping you achieve your sales goals by integrating financing directly into your existing selling tactics. A critical success component of the LEAF 360° Solution™ is that we continually assess each of our partners' financing programs to ensure they achieve the desired results. This commitment to never ending process improvement ensures that your program continually evolves to meet the ever changing needs of your customers.

The LEAF leadership team has either designed or managed a significant portion of the Dealer/Reseller based financing programs in the marketplace. Industry experience combined with our ability to apply this knowledge tactically enables us to generate measurable and impactful results for you and your customers. This unprecedented success track record, combined with our fresh financing program approach, makes us uniquely qualified to help you generate incremental sales opportunities through the power of the LEAF 360° Solution™. After adopting the LEAF program, if you are not experiencing increased revenue and profitability then we have not done our job.

The LEAF 360° Solution™ - A Financing Strategy For Today’s Dealer/Reseller

LEAF 360° Solution™ - GraphicFinancing strategies vary based on the type of collateral being sold. What may work for office technology equipment may have little or no impact in the telephony space. To ensure we provide you with resources who truly know your business, we provide a specialized teaming approach that focuses on a specific industry segment. By working with our highly skilled Account Champions, with an average industry experience of over 16 years, you have the confidence of knowing that your deals are going to get closed. Our financing teams are trained to be proactive and creative in order to find ways to help you maximize every sales opportunity.

Discover Office Equipment 360°

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Everything we do is designed to accomplish one main goal…accelerate your sales, and we back it up with the most responsive and accurate service in the industry.  LEAF has redefined what it means to be a financing partner; elevating it from not just a deal processor but to a deal maker.  The LEAF Office Equipment offering provides you with proprietary products and services designed to generate incremental leads through the power of financing.  Our sales organization serves as champions for your company by expediting the financing process; from application to funding we ensure your deal gets closed.

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Discover Technology & Telephony 360°

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The telephony industry has been experiencing a major transformation in how customers buy products and perceive the value of the Dealer/Reseller relationship. Today's customer is focused on bundled solutions including equipment, software, upgrades, maintenance, and support with the ultimate goal of maximizing the return on investment. A major challenge facing the telephony industry in today's very fragile economy: how do you motivate companies to upgrade their infrastructure to be current with the innovative technologies that are now available to them?

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Discover Healthcare Finance 360°

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Selecting the right financing partner is critical to the success of any business. LEAF Vendor Healthcare Financial has been chosen as a preferred source for healthcare vendors, equipment manufacturers and distributors for one primary reason; we help increase equipment sales. Most companies view financing simply as a procurement vehicle and fail to take advantage of how these financial tools can capture lost business opportunities. Assisting our customers to fully utilize financing as a sales closing tool is what separates LEAF Vendor Healthcare Financial from the competition.

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Discover General Commercial Equipment 360°

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LEAF provides creative financing solutions for a wide variety of commercial and industrial equipment. LEAF is singularly focused on helping you, our partners, accelerate your sales with the power of our smart financing products and services. We support these finance based marketing and sales initiatives with highly proactive service and support. Our highly skilled account sales and service champions provide you with a complete resource that helps you generate, maintain and grow your customer base.

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