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Discover How Manufacturers/Distributors Are Accelerating
Their Sales With LEAF

A Creative Solution For Today's Competitive Environment

As part of our LEAF 360° Solution™ we have created a dedicated discipline focused strictly on the Manufacturers/Distributor sector. MAP 360° offers Manufacturers/Distributors a highly targeted financing offering focused on streamlining the financing process and ultimately accelerate the sales cycle.

Just as in your industry, evolving customers' needs drives new products and solution innovations…the financing arena is no different. Whether you are processing transactions internally or through an outsourced model, driving down expenses, expediting service delivery and finding ways to differentiate your program in a vastly crowded marketplace is more critical than ever.


In today's world, there is little margin for losing even one sales opportunity. Your sales channel is faced with the most challenging economy in decades; tighter budgets, longer sales cycles and increased price discounting pressures…just to win the sale. The digital age adds even more barriers to achieving your sales goals; it's more difficult to get the attention of your customers and prospects, almost everything has become commoditized, and it's easier for your customers to shop your competitors to get the best possible price they can.

It's vital that your existing financing program is able to properly and timely reflect these dramatic shifts in market conditions.

Products & Services Designed To Do One Thing…
Maximize Your Customer Financing Results

At LEAF, we believe there is a significant difference between merely being a funding source versus being a creative funding resource. We are a progressive thinking organization that prides itself on its ability to look at each partner uniquely and then build the products and services required to fit into our partners' businesses versus having them fit into ours.

Each of our offerings is fine tuned to incorporate your product strategy, target market, selling process, and customer financing model. Regardless of the financing delivery channel you deploy, LEAF can customize a sales and/or support initiative to meet your strategy. Whether you need a solution built from the ground up, or you require a comprehensive backroom support partner, LEAF can deliver on these very distinct requirements.

Smart Manufacturer/Distributor Channel Sales Programs

LEAF can support our Manufacturer/Distributor partners with a variety of equipment deployment channels. The LEAF MAP 360° program designs and deploys specific offerings that are built to meet the unique demands each channel requires:

  • Dealer/Reseller Sales Force

  • Branch Network

  • Equipment Distributors

  • Independent Resellers

Whether your sales force is primarily inside or decentralized in the field, LEAF can provide you with the resource support you require. Our field sales organization, inside sales team and Dealer/Reseller support group deliver seamless sales and service support that helps your sales organization close your financing transactions in a timely and efficient manner.
For organizations that sell through a corporate branch model, LEAF can provide you with field resources, a centralized inside account executive sales team or a combination of these resources to best meet your equipment financing sales strategies.
To successfully have equipment distributors adopt your financing program, a two tier strategy typically needs to be deployed. It is critical not only to motivate the distributors to promote your program, but also it is essential that your finance message gets ultimately delivered directly to your customer. LEAF builds programs that are designed to penetrate the multi-channel challenges this sales model presents.
This sales channel has its own unique needs due to the varying sizes of these organizations, the wide variety of products they sell, and how financing is utilized as a transactional closing tool. LEAF's unique sales structure can customize a support model to meet your needs and deliver the right financing tools that can be easily deployed to close more transactions.

Creative Captive Support Programs

LEAF is a specialist in working with captive finance organizations to develop, design and support a comprehensive syndication strategy. We offer a full range of services that provide you with better access to the capital markets, an industry leading lease operations platform and scalable resources to augment or supplement your existing portfolio management strategy.

  • Portfolio Sales

  • Single
    Transaction Syndication

  • Portfolio Servicing

  • Captive Development

Our Major Account Portfolio Platform provides highly automated, customizable solutions to support a wide variety of transaction profiles. Our highly skilled team can develop a program support strategy that will facilitate your immediate and long term portfolio management goals with minimal lead time.

Unlike many other financing companies that simply fund Manufacturer/Distributor's customer finance arms, LEAF goes beyond portfolio acquisitions and supports single transaction assignment programs or provides a total backroom solution to match your customer finance approach. This syndication offering gives our partners the flexibility to rapidly integrate LEAF as an extension of their customer finance platform.

LEAF is one of the most experienced asset managers in today's small and mid-ticket equipment finance marketplace with a proven track record in servicing portfolios for multiple entities with highly complex reporting requirements. We realize when significant capital is on the line, you need a partner like LEAF to depend on and provide you with complete flexibility, total security, and quality service you can count on - every time.

While critical to the success of a Dealer/Reseller sales strategy, the expense and resources required to develop infrastructure to support customer financing is often prohibitive from a cost, staffing, accounting or risk perspective. Typically Dealers/Resellers that have a customer finance function are challenged by competing objectives; driving sales and managing risk. LEAF provides our partners with the ability to deploy capital in support of a captive finance function without having to build and manage a separate non-core business. At LEAF we have the experience, resources and systems to design and build a solution from the ground up, allowing your company to customize a customer financing model to support your unique corporate objectives.

  • MAP 360°
    Platform For Success

  • Accelerate Your
    Programs Success

  • Maximize Your
    Processing Performance

  • Better
    Portfolio Intelligence

The LEAF MAP 360° Platform offers you the ability to custom select the components that best support your customer financing requirements. Whether you are looking for a complete captive offering or require a partner to help you maximize your transactional processing, LEAF can provide you with the resources, systems and tools you need to achieve your customer financing goals.

Educating your sales channel about the features and benefits of your program and then motivating them to incorporate these tactics into their selling process is what separates LEAF from our competitors. A core competency of LEAF is our ability to build marketing and sales campaigns that will successfully educate the sales channel on how to most effectively position the program and consistently reinforce your financing value proposition.

Our systems and servicing approach are designed to expedite transactions and get the answers your sales channel needs when they need them. Our high level of processing automation minimizes errors and allows us to provide a seamless support system…any LEAF employee contacted by your sales channel can answer their questions. LEAF has built a support process that makes financing as simple as making a telephone call.

LEAF provides our MAP partners with the knowledge they need to consistently assess, measure and enhance their programs to maximize its effectiveness. Our standard reporting package delivers data that encompasses all the critical performance metrics essential to monitoring the impact of your program. We can customize a variety of management information to meet your tracking needs. Each quarter, LEAF will host a formal review session to ensure the program is achieving the agreed upon metrics and to make timely adjustments if necessary.

Once you become a MAP partner, we utilize a "rapid deployment" methodology that allows us to design and deliver a custom financing program in as little as three weeks. Our disciplined planning approach, dedicated implementation team, combined with our years of experience…enables LEAF to build your next generation financing program with minimal demands on your time and resources.

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