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  • LEAF 360°™ Sales Generation
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  • LEAF 360°™ Performance

Continuous Improvement » Programs That Deliver Consistent Results

We thrive on accountability. We understand that every interaction that we have is "a moment of truth" in either maintaining a relationship or potentially losing a valuable partner. Every member of our team goes through an intensive training process, testing, and certification to ensure they have the highest level of competencies required to deliver nothing less than excellent performance. Our never ending commitment to getting it right the first time drives us to continuously assess, inspect, and audit every major customer process to ensure that it is meeting our established standards of performance.

Ultimately, performance is all about accountability. Saying what you are going to do is one thing, but actually delivering on it is another. Each quarter, your Account Champion will review with you key metrics that will assess how LEAF actually performed for your business. By continually measuring and assessing our performance, we proactively provide you with a better way to truly evaluate your leasing partner.

After each quarterly review is completed, we continue to capitalize on what is working and to develop new strategies and tactics to meet the new challenges we face in the market. This on-going assessment approach enables LEAF to continually evolve your financing program to maximize your results.

Continuous Improvement

LEAF 360°™ Sales Generation » Products That Sell

In today's competitive marketplace maximizing every sales opportunity is critical to your company's success. The LEAF 360° Solution™ is designed to fully integrate into your existing sales process, transforming the traditional "leasing as a payment method" into a highly powerful lead generation and closing tool.

  • Lead Generation

  • Credit Max

Utilize LEAF developed and proven marketing templates as personalized sales pieces that will assist you in promoting financing as a means to actually create incremental sales opportunities.

Generate more revenue with LEAF's credit approval extension programs. Get the maximum credit amount you need to ensure your customer is leasing the equipment they need versus what their budget allows. The right equipment solution equals a satisfied and loyal customer.

Standard Payment Solutions

  • $1.00 Purchase Option

  • Fixed Price Purchase Option

  • Fair Market Value
    Purchase Option (FMV)

With this product, your customer is able to claim some of the benefits of ownership, such as depreciation and interest expense deductions. The purchase option for the equipment at the end of the lease term is $1. This product is suited to businesses that plan to keep the equipment beyond the lease term.

By selecting this option, your customer still can claim some of the benefits of ownership, such as depreciation and interest expense deductions, while also obtaining a low monthly lease payment. At the end of the lease term, the customer has the flexibility to purchase the equipment for a fixed percentage (usually 10%) of the original leased amount. This product is a good choice for customers who desire equipment ownership, but require a lower monthly payment than the $1.00 Purchase Option offers.

This product provides the customer with the lowest monthly payment, and because LEAF is the legal owner of the equipment throughout the term of the lease, in some cases the customer can claim the lease payments as tax deductions. At the end of the lease term, the customer has the option to purchase the equipment for its fair market value. This product is a good strategy for a company that wants to control its budget with the lowest available payment and desires the flexibility to upgrade their equipment as their needs change.

Flexible Payment Solutions

  • Deferred Payment Plan

  • Graduated Payments

  • Skip Payments

A 30, 60 or 90-day deferred payment plan can be structured as a finance lease or a true lease. Usually, the requirement for advance payments is waived, and the first payment is due at the second (60-day) or third (90-day) month of the lease. This lease structure is useful for businesses that acquire income-producing equipment allowing them to pay for the use of the equipment from the income that it generates.

Our graduated payment program features payment amounts that vary according to a pre-determined schedule. Payments may either increase, decrease, or both during the term of the lease. This plan is a great closing tool for companies that have varying revenue cycles or limited upfront cash flow. You can build a payment plan that can increase during their high revenue months or create a payment schedule that decreases during their low sales time periods.

Our skip payment option has a repayment schedule that includes months when no payment is made (and no penalty is assessed). Ideal candidates for this type of plan are businesses that need the flexible repayment schedule, such as seasonal businesses (agricultural and recreational) and school systems.

LEAF 360°™ Sales Generation

LEAF 360°™ Marketing Power » Strategies That Work

One of LEAF's core values is helping Dealers/Resellers break the traditional mold that financing is only a payment method. Financing is, and will continue to be, a powerful tool in your marketing strategy. We have successfully integrated marketing into all the standard financing tactics to promote your products versus simply a means to procure them.

  • Branded Marketing

  • Custom Selling Template

  • Trade Show Support

  • LEAF 360°™
    Marketing Assessment

As your equipment leasing partner, our job is to help you not only sell equipment but also build your brand at the same time. LEAF offers a variety of co-branded marketing solutions that range from joint communication materials, or your company may qualify for our premium branded program, enabling you to solely promote your organization. We will help you select the right option that best meets your financing strategy.

LEAF gives you instant access to dozens of proven finance selling templates that allow you to promote the products you want when you want.

Call your LEAF Account Champion and let us help you create winning promotions that turn booth traffic into sales.

LEAF provides a full spectrum of lease finance marketing strategies and tools that have proven to help our customers move more product. Our proprietary LEAF 360°™ marketing discipline provides you with an in-depth implementation plan on how our lease financing programs can easily integrate directly into your sales strategy. Schedule a 360° marketing assessment today and learn how LEAF can help you accelerate your sales.

LEAF 360°™ Marketing Power

LEAF 360°™ Service Delivery » Financing Resource That You Can Count On

At LEAF we look at service in two very distinct ways. First and foremost, is the service quality we provide to you as our valued dealer. We know that you need a financing partner that you can count on to make sure every transaction you submit flows seamlessly. Secondly, you need highly skilled resources that not just understand your business but knows how to help you grow it.

  • Dedicated Resources…
    Universal Support

  • Support Now

  • Customer Call Direct Services

  • Pay Now Funding

  • My Lease Link

LEAF has reinvented service delivery. Each of our Dealer/Reseller partners is assigned a dedicated sales resource to help you maximize every sales opportunity. Your "Sales Champion" is backed by a team of lease servicing experts that are focused expediting your transaction to help you close your customer today. Dedicated resources…universal support equals unprecedented service satisfaction.

We know that good service is all about having confidence that the people you need are there when you need them. Our Support Now service provides you with real time access to the people you need to get your deals done. No voicemails, no transfers, no delays – just answers.

We are here to provide you with the extra sales support you need to maximize your equipment selling efforts. Think of LEAF as a free extension of your sales force that helps you streamline your financing process. We give you more time to do what you do best – sell equipment…let your LEAF Account Champion work directly with your customer and handle your total financing process.

LEAF provides a wide variety of payment methods to meet your cash flow needs. You can select pay by check, which provides you a payment within 24 hours after your equipment has been accepted by your customer. To maximize your cash flow you can expedite your payment through our ACH same day funding plan which gives you direct access to your cash. Best of all, LEAF can fund you off faxed documents making it simple and convenient to get your deals funded.

Your 24 Hour Lease Origination Portal

Our upgraded Dealers/Resellers origination portal completely automates your application entry process and provides you with real time status updates to get your transaction closed quickly. We provide qualified resellers with the ability to customize with your company logo and colors enabling you to seamlessly integrate our system into the way you do business. To schedule a demonstration please contact your Account Champion at 866.859.0191.

Customer Control » LEAF Quality Service Programs Keep Your Customer Buying From You

What truly separates LEAF's service philosophy from others is we never forget that our customer is really your customer. Our job is only beginning once your transaction is funded. By your recommendation of LEAF, we become a reflection of your company…a responsibility we take very seriously. Our job is to make sure that every aspect of the service process, from immediate responses to questions, flexible invoicing options, online account management, and most importantly our people consistently leave a positive impression to your customer about your selection of LEAF as your financing partner. Throughout the active life cycle of the finance contract, LEAF consistently reinforces the customers' relationship with our Dealer/Reseller and Manufacturer/Distributor partners and creates incremental sales opportunities to capture additional revenue.

My LEAF Customer Portal

Your customers can take advantage of managing their lease contracts 24x7 with just one click. We provide them with the ability to keep their accounts updated, sign-up for our money saving e-payment services, and select our free paperless invoicing option.

LEAF 360°™ - Service Delivery

LEAF 360°™ Profitability Enhancement » Maximize Program Performance

LEAF provides products and services designed to help you manage your cash flow and generate additional profit streams; maximizing your revenue potential with every financed customer.

Revenue Plus Programs » LEAF Gives You Programs Designed To Stretch Your Revenue

Delivering products and programs that enable you to generate incremental profits from your financing program, elevates LEAF from a financing source into a financing resource. By utilizing our "revenue plus" suite of solutions you can enhance your bottom line by preserving your own capital and create additional income.

  • Margin Builder Program

  • Sales Assistance Program

LEAF offers you the opportunity to enhance your profitability on each customer that uses financing to acquire your equipment. We view every customer you send to LEAF as a shared relationship. As a partner committed to building mutually rewarding business relationships, we offer you the ability to enhance your margins by sharing in the revenue generated from those mutual customers during the interim period from equipment installation to lease commencement.

LEAF enables you to build additional profit into every business that finances your equipment, helping you offset discounting provided to win the deal. You can design a program to generate incremental revenue on a fixed or variable basis depending upon the individual transaction. Enhance your bottom line, motivate your sales force, or a combination of both – choose the strategy that best meets your needs.

Cash Flow Plus Programs » Smart Cash Free Solutions For Your Equipment Orders

You have more important things to do with your money than tying it up in equipment orders. Now you don't have to ever use your own capital again to buy equipment from your manufacturer or distributor. Our LEAF 360° Cash Flow Plus products give you the ability to use your cash to grow your business and provide you access to a potentially unlimited credit line.

  • Credit Line Plus
  • Scheduled Funding
  • Pre-Installation Funding

Utilize LEAF's capital to order the equipment you need…interest free. We pay your manufacturer or distributor the cost of the equipment and fund you your margin without ever tying up your credit line or using any of your own capital…there is practically no limit to how much equipment you can order.

Tell us how you want to get paid throughout your installation cycle and LEAF will match your required payment terms. Let LEAF provide you with the capital you need to meet your equipment expense and cash flow needs so you can use your valuable capital to support the more strategic parts of your business.

Select this Finance Advance plan and get paid 100% of your sale even before you ship and install your equipment. You never touch your own capital, keep your credit lines open for additional sales and lock in your customer…ensuring your sale gets closed.

Customer Control Plus » LEAF Loyalty Programs Keep Your Customer Buying From You

We know that your customer is your most valuable asset and that locking your customers in and blocking your competitors out are critical to maintaining your customer relationships. LEAF provides you with the products you need to continually promote your company's value and keep your customers purchasing from you long into the future.

  • Partners in Profit (P.I.P.)

  • Maintenance Billing

PIP is a fixed term rental program that allows your customer to pay for the use of your equipment for a specified period of time. At the end of the rental term, the equipment is yours to sell, trade, or rent. You can even elect to have LEAF continue to bill and collect payments beyond the term, remitting the monthly payments back to you.

The goal of this program is to give you control: control of your customer during trade-up and buy-out activity, and the right to the equipment at the end of the lease.

With this product, LEAF bills and collects payments from your customers for the leased products, as well as for the non-leased maintenance payments. Once we collect your customer's maintenance payments we directly pass on that revenue to you. This product is a good choice for those Dealer/Resellers who would prefer to entirely outsource the billing and collecting associated with the product…and lock out your competition from interfering with your ongoing maintenance revenue.

LEAF 360°™ Performance

A critical component of the LEAF 360° Solution™ is our philosophy of never ending process improvement. This attention to detail drives our entire organization to reassess every product and service to ensure that it reflects today's world. Our job only begins once we deploy a new program…what makes a "LEAF built" solution continue to drive results is that we are constantly making adjustments that focus on one thing – accelerating our partner's sales.

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